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Psychologists and psychotherapists for the society

Humanity hasn't dealt with an pandemic for more than a century. In this tragic event, a group of psychologists and psychotherapists decided to offer their assistance at no cost to counter the harmful effects of the pandemic.

If you are:

  • medical personnel or other social services employee fighting daily with Coronavirus,

  • a person under quarantine,

  • a person that lost their job due to lockdown,

  • a person that was denied psychological assistance due to epidemics (i.e., admission to a psychiatric ward);


Then you are in the right place.

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Offered Assistance

Free of charge, professional psychological help in connection with the coronavirus epidemic in Poland.

What can we offer?

  • a conversation based on empathy, respect and understanding,

  • educating on how to deal with the negative consequences of stress,

  • working out together with you the possible solutions to the problems you are dealing with.



the offered assistance is limited to a maximum of three sessions, lasting from 30 to 50 minutes.

we are planning to provide the assistance at no cost till the end of March 2020. The date may change depending on the current events.


What we CANNOT DO?

  • We cannot conduct a psychoterapeutical processes that adress mental disorders, i.e. difficulties that are long lasting and were observed prior to the epidemics.



If you are going through a crisis and are currently in a therapeutical process, get in touch with your therapist as soon as possible!

What is psychological assistance?


Assistance is an action taken for someone's benefit; something that makes a situation less burdening. We are using our skills and qualifications to offer assistance to those suffering due to the effects of the pandemic in order to regain their balance. We are aware that the current situation may radically impede thinking processess and dealing with emotions, resulting in a stress reaction. That is why we want to assist those in difficult situation to help them regulate their inner processes connected with current events.

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